About Us

Goochland Christian Fellowship (GCF) is a non-denominational ministry and fellowship that is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ within our local assembly and outside to the community. We endeavor to go where God is working and join Him.

Goochland Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian congregation, located in Goochland County, VA, which is not affiliated with any religious organization. GCF was established to reach out to and minister to the local community by providing a loving, Spirit-filled, encouraging, prayer-centered, and worship-oriented environment to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We believe in partnering with other congregations to marshall collective talents to further the Lord's kingdom.  

Our Mission

GCF exists to be the church everywhere all the time.

GCF emphasizes preaching the Word and is governed by the Bible in lieu of a formal constitution.

Our Fellowship provides for the needs of the Christian family through prayer meetings, Bible Study, fellowship, and mission trips.

Our worship services are designed to encourage, praise God, hear the Word, give testimonies and are covered in prayer.